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US Business Strategy BALMUDA (USA)

- Branding Partner
- Business Consultation
- Communication Strategy

Client BALMUDA Co., Ltd.
Project US Marketing and Communication Strategy
Period 2021.1.1 –
Outline Yearly holistic marketing strategy (Localisation and management of website, social media, advertisement assets, PR and media management)

With its own perspective on technology, design and product experiences BALMUDA has became a cult brand in Japan and Asia. As a newcomer in the US market, it is key to introduce not only the the superior design and technology of the products themselves, but also the unique personality and story of the brand. Our efforts are focused on conveying in an authentic way the essence and values of the brand while doing so in a culturally relevant way to the audience. Matching brand messages with audiences’ expectations.

Movie Asset Creation & Production (Owned and Paid)