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Travel like a local / A day in Toyooka 兵庫県 豊岡市

- Communication Strategy
- Design

Client Toyoka City
Title A DAY IN TOYOKA Promotional video and guidelines booklet
Period 2018
Outline The goal of this project was attract Australian and North American tourists to Toyoka, Hyogo. Portraying the beauty, history, and culture and promote experiences, rather than commercial products.

Focusing on cultural experiences rather than commercial goods, our research revealed that most visitors to the city were millennials visiting from Australia and North America. This enabled our strategic plan to analyze and prioritize the consumer target. To best express the beauty of the city, it was necessary to create a story which focused on the lifestyle and craftsmanship of the people in Toyoka.

For the promotional video our goal was to portray the experience through interactions with the local people, focusing on cultural exchange. The video documented the lives of working people, highlighting three areas of the city: Local entertainment and literature, history and architectural culture along with the natural beauty surrounding the area. The video was narrated by the people of Toyoka, creating a further connection between visitors, residents and the unique qualities of the city.

As part of the project we also created a manual for the local government. The guidelines outline the correct use of the logo, fonts and visual assets. Ensuring a unity throughout the campaign when implemented across a variety of media outlets.