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Future Navigation TEIJIN

- Communication Strategy
- Design

Client Teijin
Title Teijin’s 100th Anniversary “THINK HUMAN”
Period 2018.6 – 2019.6
Outline Planning and executing the brand campaign and events for TEIJIN’s 100th anniversary and developing its vision for the next 100 years.

One of the most important considerations of this project was ensuring that the event did not end as a transient celebration of TEIJIN’s 100th anniversary. With this in mind, we looked at the company’s corporate message, ‘Human Chemistry, Human Solutions’, reevaluating this in relation to the next 100 years of TEIJIN’s global business. The result was a concept based around the idea of “FUTURE NAVIGATION” a guide to where humans should be heading in the future.

Through this message, we set a corporate mission to improve the quality of life by focusing on people and the essentials of human happiness. With the idea that chemistry itself should be speaking more directly about human life, we should be educating and guiding society. Not only externally, but also within TEIJIN as a dynamic global company. In order to bring about such changes, we were responsible for communicating guidelines within the company, redefining the value of chemistry in the future with a focus on quality of life and promoting employee education in the formation of new ideas.