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Drive de Cartier CARTIER

- Communication Strategy
- Design

Client Cartier
Project Drive de Cartier, new product launch
Period 2016
Description Global launch of the Drive de Cartier men’s watch.

In the Japanese luxury brand market, Cartier is firmly established as a women’s jewellery brand, with sales mainly through its own boutiques. There were however, few men who purchased their own products in the stores. We proposed that the brand should break away from its own existing model and out of the traditional stores by holding a series of public events and exhibitions to develop new customers and communicate through launch PR and a variety of new initiatives.

Through a collaboration between BEAMS, a leader in the fashion and culture, and Tsutaya T-Site bookstore in Daikanyama a series of events were held, together with an exhibition designed around the concept of a luxury apartment, complete with car, wardrobe, music and art. Through these events Cartier succeeded in establishing many contact with many new customers through media reporting, SNS, and the events themselves.