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Creative Garage Jeep

- Communication Strategy
- Design

Client Jeep®
Title Creative Garage by JEEP®
Period 2017
Outline The brand image of Jeep is rugged and rural, but there is potential growth for the brand in the Japanese lifestyle market. We utilised the brands rich history to create a campaign that communicates the roots and authenticity of Jeep to a creative urban market.

We saw Jeep’s rich history as a brand asset, a history which enabled us to tell a story of evolution, development, and creativity. These new focal points for the brand gave us the required message to reach a broader market of urban dwellers who are interested in authenticity and creativity.

K&C selected two partnering companies to help Jeep communicate these stories. Baycrews, who operate apparel and furniture stores along with restaurants in an authentic American style. And J-Wave, an international radio station broadcasting from Tokyo. Through the rich storytelling of Jeep’s history and its connections to Baycrew’s brands (inspired by the some of the culture Jeep was originally part of) we reached our target consumers. The videos we produced encapsulated the elements of Jeep’s new strategy, spreading this concept digitally along with a radio program in collaboration with J-Wave which aired for a year.

Community Partner:J-WAVE 81.3FM / BAYCREW’S GROUP / Web Magazine HOUHNHNM