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Uehara Kitchen

Uehara Kitchen is a gastro café focused on creating a comfortable space where the food is as important as the drinks being served. A true part of the community, fostering relationships and connections between people, food, and culture.

Daisuke Nakamichi | Founder
Representative Director / Managing Director of Kitchen and Company Co., Ltd.

Born in Tokyo in 1975, he moved to England by himself at the age of 12. After graduating from The European School of Economics in London he joined British Airways.

Soon after returning to Japan in 2001 Daisuke began working for the global creative agency TBWA, later moving on to Fallon then Wieden & Kennedy where he led production of an extensive list of global brands, including Adidas, Dyson, Volkswagen, Cartier, and Nike. In 2008 he joined Levi Strauss Japan, initially as Marketing Director and later as Design & Merchandising Director for Levi Strauss & Co.

In 2013 he established Kitchen & Company with the vision of creating new markets and expanding cultural possibilities by sharing values that transcend conventional boundaries. With offices in Tokyo and London and a growing list of partners around the world, Kitchen & Company provide brand business support for clients in Japan and globally.

Yoshinori Funayama | Chef

Specialising in regional cuisine from around the world, especially Europe where he trained in terroir mediated cooking, rooted in the land and influenced by a variety of cultures. He works with producers throughout Japan who practice a diverse range of farming methods to create dishes with authentic ingredients.

Takayuki Ishitani | Barista

Takayuki “Taka” Ishitani has been working independently in the Japanese specialty coffee industry since 2012. Along with being the reigning (and twice decorated) Japan National Barista Champion, he acts as a consultant in coffee brewing excellence, training baristas, establishing cafés and holding seminars across the country.

Community Connections & Our Partners

We carefully source our produce from selected suppliers both locally and further afield, developing relationships with the best suppliers to retain consistency of quality in all that we serve. Connections within our local community are something we strive for wherever possible.

Koshida Shoten Mackerel

For our mackerel sandwiches we work directly with Koshida Shoten, a company founded 70 years ago in the coastal town of Hasaki. Their sun-dried fish is additive-free and has been hand prepared by craftsmen using the same method for many years in their small workshop near the ocean. The marinade is unique, formed partly by the fish itself, matured and fermented over generations to create a rich umami flavour.

With productivity becoming more important than craft, this form of naturally preserved fish is a dying art form.

Horiguchi Coffee

Toshihide Horiguchi is one of the pioneers of specialty coffee roasting in Japan. Through Horiguchi Coffee they have developed longstanding partnerships with farms and growers over many years—sourcing extraordinary single origin beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil and Colombia.

Committed to innovation and uncompromising in quality, from developing new ways of enhancing the transportation and storage of the raw beans to establishing their own coffee research institute.


Serrano produces naturally dry-aged prosciutto ham using carefully selected domestic black and white pigs in a method naturally attuned to Japan’s four seasons. Slowly dry-aged over an extensive period of time using an ancient Roman method with only unrefined sea salt as a preservative. Serrano work closely with farmers to ensure the health and well-being of the livestock in their pursuit of the highest quality ingredients with as little human intervention as possible. Their salami and chorizo combines meat from rare breeds such as Kagoshima grazing black pigs, Okinawa Agu, Hokkaido Mangalica, Fuji Kinka, and Ibaraki Meishan pigs, making complete use of the whole animal with as little waste as possible.

Ushio Chocolatl (Chocolate cake)

Ushio Chocolatl is a unique chocolate factory located in the mountains overlooking the Tachibana coast of Mukaishima, Onomichi.

They believe in exploring new possibilities with chocolate. In their search for the highest quality cacao beans, they visit plantations around the world. Using only directly purchased beans, each process then takes place in-house, from roasting the beans to manufacturing the chocolate and selling directly to customers.

The character of each cacao bean producing area is brought out in the flavour of their chocolate.

Ushio Chocolatl

Fine Wine

We offer fine wines selected from importers who share an uncompromising passion and deep knowledge of wine. Their strong relationships and trust with producers around the world is second to none.

They sympathise with our beliefs, and through human connections bring you some of the finest wine available, selected individually according to the season.


Dada Nuts Butter

Crafted in Kami City, Kochi Prefecture. Dada Nuts Butter is made by carefully hand roasting the nuts which are then stone ground slowly in small batches. They began making nut butter simply because they wanted to try something other than peanut butter on their toast.

Nuts are carefully selected and imported from around the world then meticulously crafted into a variety of different types of nut butter. We use Dada Nuts Butter exclusively in our sandwiches for its uncompromising quality and rich, aromatic flavour.