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Our Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a speciality of ours, carefully curated to provide a range of delicious choices.

We combine the best seasonal ingredients together with our own freshly baked bread. Every element is thought through for its flavour, texture and colour, to create a unique culinary experience.

Our signature mackerel sandwich uses a lightly marinated sun-dried fish from the coastal town of Hasaki – pan-seared to bring out the full taste and fluffy texture of the fish.

Both vegetable and meat sandwiches are available on our menu, prepared with range of colourful seasonal produce. All of our meat is carefully selected by experts with direct connections to farms and breeders.

As part of the evening menu, the same ingredients used in our sandwiches are transformed by our chef into delicious entrees to accompany our selection of fine wines.

Our Bread

Delicious sandwiches are a staple dish at Uehara Kitchen, so the quality of our bread is essential. We developed an original recipe for the optimum bread in our sandwiches, a slightly sour ‘pain de campagne’ which compliments all of our sandwich ingredients.

Using wholewheat flour from Tokachi, Hokkaido, carefully roasted to bring out the inherent sweetness and rich aroma of the grain. By using two types of natural levain, a mild acidity is achieved by traditional slow fermentation which enhances the nutritional value of the grain while increasing the flavour. Out of the oven the bread is beautifully moist with a chewy texture and crisp surface – retaining these qualities even after toasting.

Our coffee

An original blend created for us by Toshihide Horiguchi (Horiguchi Coffee), a pioneer of specialty coffee roasting in Japan. The development was supervised by world-famous barista, Takayuki Ishitani and consists of incredible single origin Costa Rican, Honduran, and Peruvian beans. The result is a creamy, full bodied coffee with clarity and complexity, combining a pleasant bitterness with rich, smooth chocolatey notes.

All of our beans are freshly roasted locally in Uehara.

Our thoughts on fine wine

We consider great wines to reflect the soul and philosophy of the producer and a respect for nature and the earth. Wine is derived from the fruits of vines carefully cultivated by producers. Its balance and complexity change depending on the terroir, bio-diversity and the fertility of the soil. Through the hands of artisans its true flavours are expressed.

Uehara Kitchen works with importers who sympathise with our beliefs, carefully selecting fine wines from the old and new world, including France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Georgia, South Africa and Japan.

Fine wine shaped by man and nature is fragrant, soft, and has both elegance and purity. The fascinating depth and unique character of the grapes will delight your palate.

Our Desserts

We select exceptional desserts from a variety of artisans throughout Japan. Pastry chefs creating the finest desserts from around the world, from delicious cheesecakes and sweets using seasonal fruit to chocolate deserts made in the mountains overlooking the Tachibana coast.

This menu will change from season to season as we introduce new items.