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We believe in experiences and connections made around the table.

Japan is a place where the essential elements of foreign crafts are often refined with unparalleled reverence for the original. Their adaptation into the culture through dedication and commitment is attained by the focussing and fine-tuning of each process to extreme levels of mastery. This amalgamation of knowledge produces some of the finest restaurants in the world—reshaping both Japanese and global culture.

Uehara Kitchen Is the combination of a diverse range of approaches inspired to create a soulful space. Reinterpreting the deep rooted Japanese commitment to craft with a global perspective that remains distinctly local and a part of everyday life.

Dedicated to quality, from our unique aesthetic to the origin and locality of the produce we source and inspirational people we collaborate with. The space acts as a portal to the culture and its environment—infusing sights, sounds, memories and emotions. A pursuit for excellence, through the diversity of people, ingredients and our approach.

Everyday Extraordinary.