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Our Services

Business Consultation Connecting Business Perspectives:

With our global brand experience and worldwide creative network we connect new perspectives and ways of thinking. Strategically planning and developing all areas, including business models and formats together with products and services. We also provide any essential added values necessary for unique businesses.
We transform ideas and strategies that maximise the value of the brand into visible solutions.
Creating business strategies with real-world output in line with our clients goals.

Case Study

We played a key role in developing the communication plan for BALMUDA’s business strategy when they launched in the United States. With NOMON, a new company seeking alternative possibilities for Teijin’s healthcare business, we provided brand development, business planning and launch into the market.

– 新ビジネスモデルの構築
– 業態開発
– ブランド戦略
– グローバルビジネス戦略
– グローバルビジネス戦略

Communication Strategy & Execution Connecting Brands With Consumers:

We believe that every customer touch point is a form of brand communication. Therefore it’s important to have a comprehensive perspective for products, stores, PR and other forms of owned media. By gaining a deep understanding of the client’s core value and focusing on their consumers, we examine the brand from alternative perspectives, proposing new communication strategies to connect with the customer at all touch points.

Case Study

Working together with Jeep and Cartier we developed new systems of customer engagement. With Teijin, along with their extensive 100 year anniversary’s global communication strategy, we helped in formulating new methods of conducting business into the future. In working together with clients we establish the activities necessary for a brand business, including product development, package design, retail experience, events, and e-commerce. Collaborating with our network of global partners is often essential, and we ensure there is a universal understanding of the brands core shared among all collaborators.

– ブランド戦略
– 広告コミュニケーション
– 編集
– ビジュアル アイデンティー
– インターナルブランディング
– イベント
– デジタル

Experience Design Connecting with Inspiration:

Business strategies and communication strategies can be meaningless, no matter how well received by the client, if they are not converted into customer experience. We create an experience that fits our clients needs, an authentic solution with a global mindset that avoids simply following short lived trends.