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Our value is in our community of talent

Our unique track record in the creative field extends from Japan through to Europe and the US.
By utilising our diverse network of talent which includes global brand directors, communication planners, writers, directors, and business strategy planners, we create high level solutions with a global impact.

  • Daisuke Nakamichi

    Founder, Managing Director

    The punctuality of trains in Tokyo is expected, but in London things are different, In fact, I can’t remember them ever being on time.
    Bicycles in San Francisco have to struggle with steep climbs, yet those in Amsterdam have only its flat terrain to contend with. It’s the history, people and landscapes of these cultures which makes them truly unique.

    K&C have always considered these differences to be an opportunity—sharing the value of the unfamiliar around the world.

    Today’s digital landscape enables a huge variety of events, information and experiences to be circulated across languages and borders at tremendous speeds. However, in this process I wonder if the human connection and the cultural perspectives have been neglected.

    Why are we satisfied with these superficial forms of communication?

    Probably because it’s the path of least resistance.

    Societies which have developed over decades are rooted in peoples lives and not easily understood by an outsider. Communication is necessary to appreciate the differences between cultures and identifying context and their true essence requires time and patience. It’s the hidden moments of creativity found in everyday life that lead to inspiration and experiences that can move people.

    K&C’s approach to global brand business is to take root in the fabric of life and culture in that environment. It’s vital to discover hidden inspiration, combine knowledge, and maximise creativity. This is our fundamental goal.

    I believe that establishing a brand can only succeed through this complex series of actions.

    At K&C our services are based on global experience through a network which enables us to unleash our clients true potential on a world scale.

    Our sole desire is to connect cities like Tokyo and London, New York and Paris, Shanghai and Dubai with a deeper understanding of their individual culture from Japan.

    Everything begins with a single dot that will one day connect to another, creating a line until eventually there are connections found in everything.

    Authentic connections in today’s world.


    Kitchen & Company
    Daisuke Nakamichi


  • Masaya Kihara

    Executive Director, Creative

  • Tomoyuki Tagami

    Executive Director, Digital

  • Hugo Burel

    Senior Director, Strategy

  • Kenta Kuwahara

    Director, Creative Planning

  • Yuki Kurihara

    Director, Strategic Planning

  • Lee Basford

    Experiential Design

  • Akihiro Mochizuki

    Project Manager

  • Fumi Endo

    Brand Producer

  • Takuya Matsumoto

    Brand Producer

  • Noriaki Kaneda

    Brand Producer

  • Ryo Muramatsu

    Brand Producer

  • Kyoko Ideno

    General Support

  • Nahoko Tochihara

    Brand Producer

  • Kyoko Adachi

    Brand Producer


  • Simon Taylor

    Executive Director, Creative Planning

  • Yuko Kondo

    Executive Director, Creative

  • Mariko Ponczeck

    Brand Producer