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At Kitchen & Company, we aim to turn local innovation into global culture by connecting experiences, ideas, and people across borders through innovation and creativity.

We are looking for someone to produce various domestic and foreign brands with us.
If you are:
– passionate about making a difference and bringing positive changes
– interested in all aspects of global culture centered on Japan
– self-starter
– team player
– looking for a place to grow with all members of the team within a flexible framework
– challenge-driven and solution-oriented

Kitchen & Company:
– has a passion to make a positive impact in Japan and the world.
– is looking for a global minded person understands various cultures.
– offers clear career paths and growth opportunities
– believes in the empowerment of its team members.
– aims to create a very flexible workplace that maintains work-life balance.
– strongly believes in equal opportunity and people centric approach

This time, we are looking for 4 positions in the Client Business Division.This time, we are looking for 4 positions in the Client Business Division.

Client Business Division

We support the brand business of various clients such as the hottest domestic home appliance brand management in the United States, and its domestic marketing activities, Japanese global chemical company’s various business production and its global communication support,
the culture project of the most iconic German sport car and the production of domestic brand activities of American cooking wear,

and more.

From client business strategy to communication strategy down to implementation coordination, a leader who can be the central figure to both to the client and our internal global team. If you are a marketing manager on the brand side, an account manager and/or planner at a creative agency, a project manager at a consulting firm, etc., this opportunity might be for you!
Specific position is negotiable depending on experience value.

Join us to connect people, ideas and experiences and make local innovation a global culture.
Everything starts from a dot.

Kitchen & Company –Connecting the dots

Digital & Performance Marketing Director & Manager

We are not a tech company, but a creative one that focuses on understanding brand culture and business in depth. However, with you, we aim at matching the power of emotion, ideas, and messages with the one of technologies.
We are looking for a new team member who masters all aspects of digital and performance marketing from SEO to SEM, from social media to GDN to connect them with the brand activities and optimize their performance. It is a new in-house area of expertise for us that comes with the opportunity of creating you own position and framework, leveraging your experience and expanding to new territories with our creative marketing expertise.

Social Media Manager:

Leading the planning and implementing of our clients’ social media activities in Japan and abroad.
We are looking for someone already well versed, or willing to take up the challenge, in all aspects and activities of social media with a strong grip on performance enhancement at par with leading markets such as the United States to mirror them locally and globally

Creative Team – Different level and positions available

We are looking for creatives who already have taken, or want to challenge themselves to take their craft and skills onto the global stage together with our international creative team. Various positions at different levels of experience and expertise are available such as designers, art directors, or editors.

Specific position is negotiable depending on experience value.